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Surgery & Treatments

Cosmetic eye lid/ Mid-face surgery

Eyes and Brows
  • Blepharoplasty: upper and lower lid saggy skin and eye bag removal

  • Mid face lift and lower lid tightening

  • Eye lid malposition correction: Ectropion, Entropion and Ptosis correction

  • Removal of chalazion, facial warts, cysts and moles

Lacrimal system management

Brown Eyes
  • Blepharitis and dry eye management

  • Punctoplasty: enlarging tear duct openings

  • Dacro-cysto-rhinostomy: managing blocked tear duct with sutureless surgery

Eye Adnexal cancer management

Closed Eye
  • Removal of peri ocular cancers and eye lid reconstruction

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Aesthetic facial treatments

Facial Filler Treatments

  • tear trough

  • lip filler

  • lip lining

  • lip cupid brow shaping

  • cheek augmentation

  • jaw angle shaping

  • smoker lines

  • nose shaping

  • laughter lines

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Anti-wrinkle treatments

  • forehead lines

  • frown lines

  • crow's feet

  • bunny lines

  • chin pebbles

  • gummy smile

  • brow lift

  • neck wrinkles

  • jawline contouring

  • hyperhydrosis, sweaty armpits

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